About us

Partner for artisanal pastries

With 35 year of bakery experience, Joriba became thé Belgian specialist in the artisanal preparation of berliners, eclairs and other delicious frozen pastries.


Sweet pastries are our passion. The roots of Joriba lay in artisanal craftmanship. From the "Diksmuidse Boterkoek", our viennoiserie signature pastry and first product, over eclairs, to berliners and other pastries we make today, all products are made with the highest attention for delicious taste and top quality, thanks to the know-how which has been built in-house since the 1940's.

In sweet company

Enjoying some pastries on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or in need of a sweet boost on-the-go during a busy working day? Our range of artisanal pastries consists of products in different shapes and finishings, suitable for every sweet occassion. Joriba pastries Always bring you in sweet company.

A good start is half way to success

Our products are made a.o. from flour, chocolate, butter, margarine of other natural ingredients. Putting high quality as our first priority, we only work with ingredients coming from certified and reliable suppliers. We care for quality, and we care for the environment, therefore we try to source as much as possible from local suppliers, which brings the advantages of buying high Belgian quality and bringing higher flexibility in the sourcing.